Review Policy

Updated 9/09/2011 

I am no longer active in reviewing or blogging about books in general, and so am not open for contacting about review requests right now.

Right now I am being very selective about review requests I accept. This is for the combination of health reasons and a desire to work my way through my own TBR stack. I am giving special priority to requests from publishers/authors I have reviewed for in the past and titles I would have requested anyway. I am not currently accepting any requests from self published authors.

Genres I read/review -
- contemporary
- urban fantasy
- paranormal
- romance
- dystopia
- mystery/crime

YA is my focus genre and I don’t often accept adult titles for review. The ones I will consider though, are below.

- urban fantasy
- occasional paranormal romance and steampunk

Genres I do NOT read -
- non-fiction (anything and everything under this category)
- science fiction (will occasionally review YA sci-fi, but never adult)
- historical
- basically anything else adult that isn’t listed under the ‘I read’ above!

I will accept print ARC’s and limited amounts of e-ARC’s (limited for readability on laptop, am a Kindle user).  I can’t promise to review every title I accept, though I do make every effort to do so, and in a timely manner.

I like to post ARC reviews with in the week leading up to release date or on release date itself if I can. If a specific date is wanted for a review to be posted, I will make every effort to fit that in, but it is not always possible. If I can’t post the review on the date requested, I will make sure it’s not posted before that date and as close after it as possible.

I won’t read a series out of order. If you are asking me to review a title that is not first in series and I’ve not read the previous books, I’d ask if you could provide the previous titles. If there are more than 2 books already out in that series, I’m unlikely to agree to the request because of the added time it takes to catch up.

I always include a summery/synopsis of a book with my review, which I always take from either, the book jacket, the publishers website or

I am always honest in my reviews. I review virtually every title I read and that means posting negative reviews from time to time. I try to be as fair and well rounded in my review as I can be, but they are primarily based on my emotional reaction to a book. How I connected with the character/plot and what I thought of it, rather than the quality of the writing. I’ve read a few beautifully written books in the past that I just haven’t connected with and as such, they’ve gotten low ratings from me.

I cross post most of my reviews to and often to as well.

Print ARC’s, once read, are either kept by me, or passed on (for free, after release) to a trusted friend who then keeps them. Occasionally I pass them along to another trusted blogger, usually after release, sometimes before. If you would rather a print ARC is not passed around, please let me know and I’ll be happy to keep it myself.

Author interviews/guest posts/giveaways/blog tours
I’m happy to host any of the above if I am able. For interviews, if the author is new to me, I’d request a copy of the book beforehand so that I could read it and ask relevant questions. For blog tours, if the author is new to me, I’d need to read the book first before I would agree to host it.