Friday, 31 July 2009

The Devil Inside by Jenna Black

"Morgan Kingsley, is an exorcist who precariously walks that fine line between heaven and hell. She lives in a world in which demons co-exist with humans. Normally hailed as heroes, these demons can heal, help, and make strong the willing hosts who gladly accept their corporeal possession? unless a demon steps outside the boundaries of the law. That's where Morgan, comes in. She is an expert in getting rogue demons to leave their unwilling hosts.But now the unthinkable has happened: Morgan's got a demon of her very own sharing - possibly overtaking - her body. But this sexy beast is so enticing that he may tempt Morgan to re-evaluate her prejudice against demons - if he doesn't get her killed first. For a war is brewing in the demon realm, and Morgan has just been forced to take sides"

Morgan Kingsley is an exorcist in trouble. She's hated demons her whole life, both the legal and illegal ones, and made a living from destroying those rouge ones. She's the best in the country at it. But now Morgan's worst nightmare has come alive. She's been possessed. But her demon can't control her, not completely, and can only communicate directly with her in her dreams. That's more than enough for Morgan though, and she'd do anything to get rid of him and the temptation he brings.

As Morgan struggles to find out why and how she was possessed, she finds herself equally targeted by others, both human and demon, and fighting for her life. In desperation she has little choice, but to turn to the demons she's always despised for help.

The first book in the Morgan Kingsley series starts off pretty quick and moves at a decent pace. Morgan isn't the easiest of characters to like and her feelings often contradict her words and actions making you wonder what she's actually feeling or thinking. But the story around her is good enough to keep reading. I didn't find myself sucking particularly, and rather than feeling the ups and downs with Morgan, I felt like a spectator. I feel we were meant to feel bad for Morgan a lot, without really being given a reason to love her enough for it so soon. I also found a few of the secondary characters a bit flat and there wasn't always enough explanation to go with their actions. There is also some graphic S & M and more sex than there really needed to be (both with Morgan and her boyfriend, and a homosexual couple helping her - which really did nothing for me), more there for show than because it had a reason, but I could put up with it.

Overall, none of that was enough to stop me finishing the book within a few days, and I intend to pick up the next one. It's a good enough read, but it's not about to become a favourite of mine.

Rating: 6/10

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