Sunday, 6 September 2009

This has become... unintentional habit. For which I apologise and ask you to bear with me.

Anyone who's followed this blog for a little while will realise I've put barely any reviews up of late which is odd. And if you've followed it longer than that (or just read older posts) you'll know I suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (or M.E. as it's also known). Basically what happened is about a month ago I relapsed pretty badly. I get exhausted doing far less then I was before (and even then I couldn't do much) and I'm having to deal with a lot of headaches and brain fog again.

That makes it hard for me to sit and read for hours at a time and to write reviews as well. So in the last month, I've not read much at all. Or I've been rereading snippets of favourite books instead of new ones. So instead of me reading two or three books a week, I've read about 3 in 3 weeks. All it means for the blog is that for the time being, there will be fewer reviews coming. I'll get past this bad point or at least relearn how to keep going while this ill, and the pace will pick up again. I'm not abandoning the blog by any means, just can't put the energy in to reading or writing as I need right now.

Oh, and yeah, layout change. Been meaning to change things for a while, still not totally happy with it but it'll do for now.

Update over :)


pattepoilue said...

I hope you feel better soon!
don't worry about the reviews, a blog should be a pleasure not an obligation and since you're ill you shoudld wait until you feel like reading and writting more , we'll wait =)

Chronic fatigues are a pain, i'm suffering from severe anxiety and the result is nearly the same, fatigue, migraines, pains and aches in different body parts. It might not be the same but i know it's not easy to live with chronic illness so i wish you quick recovery! *hug* =)

Cem said...

Thanks for the understanding :) *hugs* I'm not so bad now, but for many years, I suffered with bad anxiety along side the CFS, so I can sympathise with what you deal with, though I won't have had it anywhere near as bad. I hope you improve soon too!

Jessica said...

Feel better soon Cem! It's okay that reviews are far and between, no worries. Just focus on getting better! Hope all goes well. :)

Rachy_N said...

It's a pleasure to read your reviews and I now find myself looking at books and thinking 'I wonder if Cem reviewed them on her blog?' and I'll have a quick read through to see what you said about them.
There's no rule that says how often you have to blog so take your time and I hope you feel better soon!