Tuesday, 15 March 2011

New Pretties!!

Lots of awesome cover reveals lately. Here's just a few of them, and what I think of them!

Nightshade by Andrea Cremer - paperback edition out in June - Goodreads
Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer - to match the new pb of Nightshade, the Wolfsbane hardback cover got a redesign, out 26th July - Goodreads

I really like both of these. I thought the original Nightshade cover was pretty, but after reading it, didn't think it looked remotely like Calla and it didn't suit the book. And unlike most, I wasn't impressed with the Wolfsbane cover either. But I really love these. More simple, but dark and beautiful. I particularly love the Nightshade cover with the purple and how both Calla's human and wolf side are shown, and the eye is awesome. The Wolfsbane cover doesn't have the same drama to it, but I still think it's pretty.

Crossed by Ally Condie - sequel to Matched out Nov 2011 - Goodreads

I completely love this cover!! I love the Matched cover, simple and striking. This is more so with Cassia breaking out of the bubble. Still simple, matches Matched, still eye grabbing and beautiful. Plus, blue is my favourite color. Seriously awesome.

Living With The Dead by Kelley Armstrong - new UK pb edition The Otherworld #9 out 3rd Nov 2011 - Goodreads

I love the new UK covers for this, one of my favourite series, even though it happens to be the only Otherworld book I didn't enjoy. I'm not really sure what the tornado has to do with anything, but it's a striking cover and I still love it far more than the original version. For comparison, here's all the old UK Otherworld covers and the new ones below (click to see them bigger). Which do you prefer? I'd love to know!


Asamum said...

I actually prefer the other covers for Nightshade and Wolfsbane. I hope I can get those.
Love the Crossed cover *swoon*

Jessica said...

The new UK covers for Kelley's series are awesome!! Totally love them! I like the US ones with the main character on the cover somewhere, but these are just as cool!

I like the new covers for the Nightshade books. Nightshade especially. I think they're cool. The old ones were still cool though.

Vivienne said...

I love the UK covers of Kelleys series. I seem to have a couple of the American ones though. Darn. Looking forward to Crossed.

Larissa {Larissa's Bookish Life} said...

I hadnt seen all the UK covers for that series! NICE! its one of my favorites as well! =D

Sarah said...

I think that I perfer the hardback covers over the paperback cover. But I do also love these and you're right about them being more fitting. Although, I still like the orginials more. :)