Friday, 24 April 2009

Twenty One

I got back from Spring Harvest last Sunday, and I managed not to get ill until yesterday. So I was well for my 21st, which turned out to be a really good day. Didn't really do anything, except watch Disney films with my sister, but it was still a good day. I was just in a really great mood and was even laughing at myself when I burnt my wrist, putting the cake in the oven.

Now however I'm really ill with a flu type bug, and it's not much fun. I may well not be well enough to ride tomorrow, which will be really disappointing. And it would appear that Royal Mail has lost a book that should have been delivered yesterday, which is very frustrating. So from being a very good week, it's going pretty rapidly downhill.

I apologise for the lack of new reviews, I ended up spending more time writing last week than reading. But hopefully I'll get around to reviewing some stuff next week again. Mostly right now, I'm just hoping this bug goes away as fast as it came. And now I'm going to go lie down again cause my head feels about ready to explode. lol

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