Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Shiny New VA Stuff

It's no secret at all that I'm obsessed with the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead. It's dark, sassy, smart and whilst featuring a (very hot) Russian love interest, he's not all Rose thinks about. She is completely capable of taking care of herself, she doesn't rely on others to do the ass kicking. And on top of fantastic characters, it's set in a world filled with myth and legend. Aside from featuring real vampires (definitely no sparkling going on here!!), it's got a hierarchy of mortal vampires, dhampirs and the evil, soulless killers. Much to sink your teeth in to and enjoy (pun maybe intended..). So forgive me a link heavy post of VA awesome.

First up, the final cover for the final book in Rose's story, Last Sacrifice, is finally live! Well, the US version anyway. Unfinished versions have been floating around for a while, but this is the final one, as Richelle posted on her blog in the early hours of this morning (for me anyway).
I can't say it's my favourite, the old and new Shadow Kiss covers still hold that spot with me, but I do like it. And I'm very glad 'Rose' is no longer blond like she was on earlier versions! She still doesn't look like Rose, but darker hair is a start ;)

Also, there is an Official Vampire Academy movie page on facebook, run by Preger Entertainment who hold the rights for VA. It is not a for sure thing it will get made, it's only been optioned so far, but fan support is a must, so if you like the series, join it!!

There is now a company, Arcane Vault, who supply official Vampire Academy merchandise as well, and they offer international shipping. Only a couple of designs are available at present, but they are in the process of making more. According to their facebook page, some of the new one should be up in the next 2-3 weeks. Their facebook page which has latest updates on new designs and stuff is here. I've been following it since the VA line was added a few weeks ago and they're good about replying to questions and they're happy to hear suggestions! Good people to follow if you like VA.

Other big things Richelle revealed recently: the Promise Mark and Zvezda mark artwork. If you don't know the series, these won't make sense, but if you do then you will know I'm talking about the tattoos Guardians are given. The Promise mark is given when a novice graduates and becomes a Guardian. The Zvezda is the battle mark, given for killing lots of Strigoi in battle. These marks are in addition to the Molnija mark (for killing a single Strigoi), which the artwork for has been around for a while. If you don't know and are curious, Molnija is Russian for lightning, and Zvezda is Russian for star.
Promise mark

I love both these marks, and the molnija, and I'm glad that they'll be available on clothes via Arcane Vault soon! Here ends my VA/link heavy post.

[EDIT} Oh no. Wait, missed one. This has been around for a while, but still totally deserves a mention and should be checked out. Vampire Academy jewellery! Sold by Psynde on Etsy, here. It's beautiful hand crafted items and I've got several peices. They're all fantastic! She offers other items as well and you should totally check those out too. Okay. Now I'm really done.

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