Monday, 26 July 2010

So Behind!!

Ack. I'm behind with about 4 or 5 books waiting to be reviewed, the adult recs page hasn't gone up like it was meant to last week and still needs some major editing, the 'currently reading' on the sidebar is about 5 books behind (maybe more, I'm losing track) and I'm about to be swamped with new releases! (like, 6 of them tomorrow/Wednesday) Apologies for the quite, I've been pretty sick the past couple weeks (for those who don't know, I have CFS/ME *look here for what that is* and bad weeks totally screw up any plans). I've been lucky enough to be well enough to read, but by the time I'm done, my brain is scrambled and I can't string words together very well for reviews. You're lucky I got the Waking the Witch one up the day I read it.

So, I'm taking care of myself this week, no yard and horses for me *sadness* and I'm hoping it means I can get caught up on the reviews and still add ones for the mass load of great books that are released this week. I apologise in advance if it doesn't happen...

Very cool new Vampire Academy news released the other day. It's being turned in to a graphic novel as well!! First edition will be out next year sometime, no date yet, cover is on Richelle Mead's blog here. I kinda love it, very excited!

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