Friday, 15 April 2011

Angel's Story and Cosmo's Story by Amy Watson

28th April 2011, Red Fox
112 pages (both), Paperback
Review copies,

Children's Paperback

Book Blurb for Angel's Story 
She may be a tiny, pure-white, fluffy kitten but Angel does NOT live up to her name! After Kelly and her family adopt Angel from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, they discover this mischievous moggy is total trouble...

Angel loves tripping people up, leaping out at Dad from the airing cupboard and generally being a naughty nuisance! When Mum cooks a roast dinner for all the family, will Angel be able to resist tucking in first? 

I like how these stories show the darker side to pets (no I don't mean the dark side of the force in Star Wars...) Pets are cute, adorable and funny, but they can be a little naughty too. All cats are good at tripping up owners, especially when it's time for food. Mine does it all the time!  What was interesting was that Kelly's brother, who deals the most with the family dog gets quite upset because as a consequence of Angel being in the house, initially Joey the dog is unsettled. Additionally Kelly learns that she needs to check with her parents if something can be used as a toy - it didn't harm Angel, but her mother wasn't best pleased when a ball of yarn was used during their play. 

Book blurb for Cosmo's Story
Cosmo may look like a tiny tiger with his tabby stripes and bright green eyes - but he definitely doesn't act like one! Shy and timid when Megan meets him at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, he loves to lick clean, nuzzle and look after his new owners. 

When a baby bird tumbles from a tree in the garden, can this most gentle and caring of cats help return the bird to the nest? 

Cosmo has a much more even temperament than Angel does. Meghan and her family have to give him extra gentle treatment so that they don't startle him. He's quite an intuitive cat to have looked out for the baby bird - my cat would have had it for dinner. I nearly had tears in my eyes through laughter the moment that I read Cosmo's head went round in circles as he watched the washing machine work - that's exactly what my cat did the other night with something else going round and round, and it's the funniest thing ever! Highly cute too. 

For both books
I was delighted to see that there were finally cat books in this series. I'm not really a dog lover. I understand the antics of cats better, which makes the books funny when I read them. I sit there thinking 'Belle does that'. I felt it was good that although Meghan wanted a kitten from a friend, her parents explained they were getting a rescue cat. Please do get rescue cats when you can. Our cat is a rescue cat, and no one really wanted her because she'd had a hard start to life. Just as with the dog books (which I didn't explain in this week's review) both the books have tips on looking after dogs and cats, as well as puzzles at the back of the book. 

I give these books 8/10. 

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