Monday, 11 April 2011

Huey's Story and Stella's Story by Amy Watson

28th April 2011, Red Fox
112 pages (both), Paperback
Review copies,

Children's Paperback

Back of book blurb for Huey's Story 
When Hannah starts at a new school, all the other girls are in firm friendship groups and she feels left out and lonely. Mum and Dad know that a puppy would make a perfect pal for Hannah, so they take her to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home where she meets Huey the husky. 

With his ice-blue eyes and cheerful character, Huey makes Hannah forget about her tough time at school. Can Huey charm her classmates so that everyone can be friends together? 

I love husky dogs. They are good at their job when they are used to pull sleds. They look cute, sort of like wolves (who I think are beautiful creatures). Huey is perfect for Hannah, they have so much fun together and he really helps her smile when she's feeling down. He does help her make friends in the end, but I was a little disappointed that the reason for Hannah being ignored by a girl wasn't explained. They just made up and nothing else was said. The enthusiasm of Hannah for Huey gives the story a great feel good factor.

Back of book blurb for Stella's Story 
Cara is sad when she breaks her leg and can't join her best friends on their summer holiday. To cheer her up, Mum takes her to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, where they meet Stella, the gorgeous and gentle Staffordshire bull terrier puppy. 

Stella goes everywhere with Cara - including to a birthday party in a park!   But one day she bounds onto a bus and is carried away before Cara can join her. Will Cara ever be reunited with her runaway puppy?

This does have a fair amount of humour, but I was laughing at the cover, because in The Winx which I'm currently watching, Stella is a fairy with long blond hair who likes yellow and orange clothes! I really felt for Hannah because I once broke my ankle, and being stuck at home tends to a person rather grumpy. Stella goes a long way in cheering her up - until she vanishes. My stomach turned over at that scene, because I once lost a zebra finch out of it's cage in my room. Losing a pet is horrible. Cara didn't realise it, but I guessed that her mother would know which steps to take to try and get Stella back. Even though I knew what the ending would be, I still had tears in my eyes. You can't beat a good reunion!

I give both of these books 8/10

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