Friday, 20 March 2009

Books, Books and More Books

So I finally got 8th Confession by James Patterson yesterday after being messed around by a bookseller company that shall remain nameless. And I've been waiting for it since the last one came out a year ago. But I'm not going to review it. If I try, I'm just going to end up ranting. Overall, I like it. But there are parts of it that drive me mad. That just don't fit with everything that went before and bits that simpy make no sense. So, I'm leaving it unreviewd on here. I'll rant about it in my Word document where reviews for everything I've read this year live.

Today is a good book day though. Snitch by Allison van Diepen arrived in the post and I bought 3 books whist out shopping. Or rather, I went out shopping to get said books. And last night I started Working For The Devil by Lilith Saintcrow and shall admit to being hooked by Dante Valentine within moments. To the extent where one of the books I bought today is the second in the series even though I had only read a few pages last night. Impulsive maybe, but I really don't care! The other two books, in case anyone is interested for some completely ridiculus reason, are One Dog At A Time by Pen Farthing (a royal marine who started rescuing strays in Afghanistan) and Tempting Evil by Keri Arthur. Hmm, should make another confession there, Keri Arthurs Riley Jenson series is one I gave up on a couple of years ago. I wasn't getting on with it anymore, so I stoped reading them. But I was reading Keri's short story in The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance, which is from a different characters perspective, and got interested again. So I'm going to give it another try.

Final thing, yes book related again, the cover for Blood Promise has been released!! I'm ridiculusly happy about this. Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy series is one of my most favourite series' ever. And certainly my favourite teen series ever. I'm a little obsessed, I admit, and I'm fine with that. The covers for the first 3 books have been redone too, and I prefer them. I don't think they come close to doing the content inside justice, but I still really like them. There is a problem with this though. They won't match. If I don't replace the first three, then the series won't match, I'll have 3 with old covers and 2 with new. So, I've got to replace the first three when they're out, more money lol. Another problem. Blood Promise is coming out in hardback, not paperback. Which Richelle totally deserves, the series is awesome and she deserves her books being in hardback for that reason. But, again, they won't match. And if anyone suggests me waiting for the paper back? *laughs histerically* Yep, never happen. So that means I'll be replacing the hard back with the paperback a year later too. Just so they all match. This is why publishers do it. Change covers and stuff half way through a series, so people like me who are OCD about books, spend more money. lol I really can't find the heart to care. Oh, and in case you want to see the new covers now I've babbled on about them, Richelle's Blog has the pics.

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