Monday, 16 March 2009

Good and Bad

So Friday night I was in floods of tears. No reason, just exhausted. And I was thinking about it Saturday morning and realised what's different. I don't feel like I have a cold or some other virus, but I'm not improving having spent 3 days really quiet. Why so exhausted then? Relapse. At least that's what I'm pretty sure it is. Which is bad news. Really bad with Spring Harvest less than a month away. *sigh* however, thinking about it is just going to stress me out further, again, and that's not going to help.

Saturday was strange. I was actually seriously considering cancelling my riding lesson. That doesn't come easy! But my dad was nice enough to offer to take me, so I went. And found to my surprise that of the 5 of us that should have been in the lesson, there were just 2. Now, I ride at an RDA, Riding for the Disabled Association, so they deal with lots of people who have good and bad days, and people who are much more disabled than I am. And they are really, really lovely people there! So when I told my instructors that I wasn't very well I was given the option of staying in the arena and practising the dressage test the other woman needed to practise, or I could go for a wander outside. The weather was really nice and cause I felt like crap, going out for a hack, just walking around the woods a bit, sounded perfect. So I did and Poppy, normally a fizzy speed machine, was a total gem! She happily wandered along, following the instructor who came with me, not fussing at anything. Then when we got back, there was still about 10 mins of the lesson left, so I did a little bit of trot work with the other rider to finish. And yikes, Poppy is a different horse without an arena full of friends. She stays calm and responsive, and just works for you. Exactly what I needed.

So my prayers were answered there :)

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