Sunday, 8 March 2009

Too Much, Too Much!!

Is basically what my body has been screaming at me for days. But I'm ignoring it. Or I have been. I don't really have a choice now.

I spent a good portion of today sorting through books on my bookcase, some of which are now in a bag to go to a charity shop, others in boxes for the attick (sorry mom! I will try and clear some stuff out of there too!!) and others to possibly be sold via ebay if I can be bothered. And the reason I may sell them, is cause there is a mountain of them, so trying to make a few quid on them isn't a bad idea, I don't think.

My problem though, is that I haven't really stopped for the past two weeks. My body hasn't had time to recover from anything and now all it wants to do is not work. So my back is really sore again, all my aches from riding yesterday have grown tenfold and my wrists are really hurting simply trying to type this. So instead of heading to Church now, like I'd really like to, I'm staying in. And resting. Or, I'll try too!

Sorting out most of the books was easy enough, there were entire series' that I knew could just go in the lost, so they went. And most of the books going to the charity shop were easily decided too. My problems came with Buffy. I admit here and now that I'm a big Buffy and Angel fan. And yes, I have a mountain of Buffy books. Plus a few Angel ones. However, they've been untouched for years now, so really, having them all is a little bit of a waste of space. There are some I easily decided could go, others, not so. But by the time I was done, I had probably split the mountain in half. Which with the other books going or in the attick, I now have shelf space!! For probably the first time in, oh, I dunno, a year? Two? lol, there isn't much of it, but it's better than nothing. It will stop me worrying where all the new releases this year are going to go at any rate. Though I suspect next year I shall have to cave and get another bookcase. There are only so many books you can fit on to shelves!!

Happily, before all this mad sorting, I managed to get edits done on the next SoD chapter. Which I'm very happy about. And happier yet that there were hardly any to do! Thats what happens when you go over the same things half a dozen times when writing it cause you change stuff lol. So, that's basically done, just need to put them in on Word, cause right now their on the printed copy, and then on to the next, and almost certainly final, chapter. Joy!!

Okay, enough tired idot ramblings. I do have a half written review for Kelley Armstrong's Made To Be Broken done, expect that up tomorrow.

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