Sunday, 7 June 2009

New Books!

I finally went on my book shopping spree a week and a half ago and bought 9 books, came home, ordered 3 more online. This week, going to buy another 3. So I thought I'd make a note of what I've bought so you can see what reviews are to come as I make my way through the pile. I've already reviewed Ill Wind and Glass Houses by Rachel Caine, Succubus Heat by Richelle Mead and Embraced By Darkness by Keri Arthur, the rest that I bought on that spree that are going to be reviewed are:

Moon Called by Patricia Briggs
Possession by Jennifer Armintrout
The Devil Inside by Jenna Black
Red-Headed Stepchild by Jaye Wells

I also bought Don't Look Twice by Andrew Gross but I'm not going to review it on here, a new copy of Marked by P.C. and Kristin Cast cause I had the US version and I'm OCD about books and wanted it to match the rest and I have the UK versions of the rest, and Eternal Lover which is an anthology and I probably won't review it.

The books on my 'must have' list for this week:
Untamed by P.C. and Kristin Cast
Hunted by P.C. and Kristin Cast
Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead (new covers - UK version and I'm buying a new copy cause mine have been re-read to often and show it a little too much!!)

There's a (pretty good) chance I'll buy the next Morganville Vampires book too, and of course all of these are going to be reviewed.

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