Wednesday, 17 June 2009

That's Me Caught Up

Six reviews done in the past two days has me all caught up. I've forbidden myself to pick up another book today after finishing Moon Called yesterday. I'd read 6 books in as many days despite a hectic weekend that means I'm still recovering now, and I need to give my brain a break. Next on my reading list is The Devil Inside by Jenna Black, but in all likely hood I'm going to re-read Vampire Academy before that as a bit of lighter relief. Having read it cover to cover twice and my favourite parts many more times, it's an easy read and to be honest, I want the familiarity of favourite characters for a few hours. It likely won't be more than a few days before I'm reviewing again, and I once again have a long 'to buy' list for next week, so I'll keep them coming. But for now my mind needs a rest. So what am I filling my time with? Writting. Ha. Give myself a headache with that instead!

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