Tuesday, 23 June 2009

No Review...

Just a couple notes. One, there is a new Bitten By Books poll up, this one, sexiest character :) My personal favourite is nominated, Dimitri from the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead, so of course I'd love to see him win, but who ever your fave is, go vote!

Two, I'm actually going to review said favourite series, because I realised I haven't yet. But it's very late here now (12.16am if you're interested) so it will probably be tomorrow that I do so. For the first book anyway, and then I'll review the others at some stage.

Three, went a bit nuts and bought 8 more books today and am already a 1/4 through the second of them, so there will be reviews up of the third and fourth Morganville Vampires books in the next couple of days as well, and they will shortly be followed by the fifth one, plus a couple Weather Wardens books, and Mercy Thompson ones. Plus the Jenna Black book I've mentioned previously, didn't get around to reading it over the weekend, and it's dropped down the TBR list because I've got new books in series I already know I love to read, but I promise it will come.

Promise that's all the random useless information for now too. Next post will hold a review ;)

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