Monday, 24 January 2011

Monday Wrap Up [3]

Welcome to my weekly wrap up :)

So most of last week was a total wash for me because I had flu. Major suckage. Everything went wrong. I'm hoping like hell this week is better because it's my sisters 21st on Wednesday and I want her to have a really great day. Fingers crossed my fogged brain choice of balloons is not as poor as I currently fear...

What did I manage to read last week?
Shadowfever by Karen Marie Moning - Fever book 5. The final part of Mac's story and it was a beast of a book. Shocking, twisty, awesome and very satisfying. Reading it over three days wasn't ideal, but I was too sick to read it for very long at once (although it was great company on one very sleepless night, damn cough).
Awakened by Ednah Walters - I read the first 150 pages over the course of a week, then skimmed the last 100 pages (well, not really, cause I only read a few more paragraphs).

And that's it. Last weeks aim of 4 books was very serious wishful thinking. Anyway, moving on...

The idea behind my Monday Wrap Up's was an added incentive to stay organized on the blog. To be able to do this post, I have to have at least a couple reviews scheduled and a realistic idea of what posts I could get done in the coming week and post within the same week. The idea being that if I had that, then if I had a particularly bad week health wise (or, say, got smacked upside the head with flu) it wouldn't really matter and content would still be posted. And hurrah! 3 weeks in to the new year and that's exactly what happened! Meant I could be sick and not write any posts (well, I did a couple, but only because I really wanted to and felt up to it) and not stress! Much joy to be had there at least.

So here's last weeks posts:
Monday Jan 17th - Review - Blood Feud by Alyxandra Harvey [Drake Chronicles #2]. I liked this book, but not as much as book 1. Still, a good read.
Tuesday Jan 18th - ARC Review - Delirium by Lauren Oliver [Delirium #1]. I liked this new dystopian book, but I struggled to connect with the main character.
Wednesday Jan 19th - personal post - introducing my four legged family!! Just cause I was feeling crappy and wanted to talk about them. You can just look at the cute pics if you wish ;)
Thursday Jan 20th - Review - The Iron Witch by Karen Mahoney [The Iron Witch Saga]. Great debut which worked really well for me despite many factors against it!
Friday Jan 21st - Review - Shadowfever by Karen Marie Moning [Fever #5]. Final Fever book is a success in my book, but it's a little surreal that it's now all over! Sadness.
Saturday 22nd - In My Mailbox [16] - a small but awesome one.

Week 24th - 30th Jan will see the following reviews going up:
The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa. The third Iron Fey book is seriously awesome!
Other Words For Love by Lorraine Zago Rosenthal. This is another 2011 debut which has gone over very well with me.

I'm not going to garuntee any other reviews going up because I'm not certain which books I'll get reviewed this week, or if I'll post one of the spare ones I've got drafted. There will be another review in addition to the two above though.

Reading wise, I'm mirroring the other half of last weeks goal: The Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller and Possessions by Nancy Holder. I'm not going to aim for more than that either because I'm still sick and I think I'll be lucky even to manage those two as it is, it's my sis's birthday this week so theres some extra stuff going on.

Hope you all have a great week! :)


Jessica said...

I think I might be overthinking how many books I want to read this week as well. Really only by 1 book or so. Not sure, just with what I have to get done this week, I don't know if I can manage everything I want to either!

Here's my wrap up post

Clover said...

I really like your wrap-up posts. I really find it interesting to see what books are going to be reviewed and what you'll be reading. I'm just nosy, I think :)

(I'm reading The Eternal Ones at the moment.)

Good luck with your goals! I hope you're feeling better and that your sister has a wonderful birthday!