Sunday, 17 May 2009

Chosen by P.C. & Kristin Cast

'"I guess it had gone okay with Stevie Rae. I mean, she had agreed to meet me tomorrow. And she hadn't tried to bite me, which was a plus. Of course, the whole trying-to-eat-the-street-person thing was highly disturbing ..." Zoey's best friend, Stevie Rae, is undead - in an eww! zombie! kind-of-way, not in a cool vampire kind-of-way. She's struggling to retain her humanity and Zoey doesn't have a clue how to help. But she does know that anything they discover must be kept secret. Trust has become a rare commodity. Sinister forces are at work at the House of Night, where the line between friend and enemy is becoming dangerously blurred.'

Chosen is the third book in the House Of Night series and picks up a month after Betrayed. Zoey has kept the secret of her not dead-dead best friend to herself. She want's to confide in her tight group of friends but knows doing so could get them, her and Stevie Rae killed in a heartbeat. So indead she's having to rely on help from a former enemy, Aphrodite, to help save Stevie Rae. And protect others from the person causing the problems, someone who everyone else believes to be good and pure, is in fact decidedly evil.

The hints are there pretty early on about certain characters and where their true natures lie, but even so, some of it comes as surprise. I'm liking Aphrodite more and more as the series goes on, I like her straight talking about certain things, even though she's not the nicest person around. She makes it all a bit more real when Zoey and her friends are being just a little too innocent and naive about things.

This book sees Zoey finally beginning to realise that she's really not putting a whole lot of thought in to certain things. Like guys. Trying to juggle three at once isn't a smart thing at any time, but when you're super powerful and the only one aware of who is the dangerous one that needs stopping, it's incredibly stupid. Yet Zoey doesn't seem to realise this and goes with whoever it is beside her at the time. This is something that is a little annoying, but right now I'm still mostly laughing at her for those parts of the book, so it's bearable. One guy in particular is another matter though, but I won't say who, it's easy enough to figure out when reading. There were flashing neon signs from very early on that this guy was on the wrong side of this fight, so why she allowed herself to be so taken in, is beyond me. But hopefully she'll learn from it.

There is a lot going on in this book, many different threads all tangled together, Stevie Rae, Aphrodite, Nefert, Loren, Erik, Heath, the rest of her friends, her powers, and then throw in humans killing and nailing vampire bodies to crosses outside of the House Of Night, and you've got a whole heck of a lot going on. So much that it almost feels dis-jointed at times, going from one thing to the next, and yet, somehow, it works. Really enjoyed it.

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