Tuesday, 26 May 2009

No Review

No review today, but probably several in the coming few days. Basically, I ran out of books to read. Shocking. But never mind, going to buy masses tomorrow (the list stands at 18, I think, but can only afford a maximum of 10 - thank goodness for gift cards and birthday money or it would be half that). Since reading The Host I've read Beautiful Disaster by Kate Brian, but, quite frankly, it was dull and ridiculous and I can't be bothered to review it on here.

Great day though, finally picked up my new car!! A brand new Toyota Aygo Blue. It's gorgeous. I love it. My mom insisted it needed a name though. Everyone said that about my first car, that it needed a name, and I pretty much agreed, thinking I was the kind of person that would name a car, but I didn't. Just never cared, and right now, feel the same about this one. I get naming cars, and I think it's fine, but I actually just don't care when it comes to mine. If I wait, my sister will do the job for me anyway lol. Having a brand new car is awesome, and very scary, cause I don't want anything to happen to it, so much more than my old car (a 10 year old light blue Peugeot 206 if anyone's interested). Still, it's such a great little car :)

Current poll on BittenByBooks if for favourite paranormal series. My personal fave, Vampire Academy, missed out on nomination, so my (very close) second, Kate Daniels by Ilona Andrews, got my vote. But if you're a paranormal fan, go check it out and vote!

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