Sunday, 31 May 2009

Embraced By Darkness by Keri Arthur

"Just when guardian Riley Jenson thought her life was getting back on track, fate throws another curve ball. The alpha of her estranged pack - and the man who tried to kill her by throwing her off a mountainside - demands her help to find his missing granddaughter. Riley would love to refuse, but if she does, her mother dies. And if that isn't enough, something is tearing humans to shreds, and it's up to Riley to track down the killer before another soul is embraced by darkness."

The 5th Riley Jenson book is a good one, but it's got it's bad points. The plot involving the humans being torn to shreds is nothing more than filler, it starts as a promising part of the story, but it's quickly wrapped up with no loose ends and is promptly forgotten. The bigger plot of Riley being blackmailed in to finding the missing member of her former pack is better, though again, not without it's flaws. Still very entertaining and worth reading though.

Riley's character has developed well over the series so far, and I like her more and more. She's not the happiest person in this book, but it serves her well. Through all the work she has to do trying to find the missing wolf, she's also dealing with her romantic life, in the form of Kellen. It's really nice to see her focusing on one guy here, and one a damn bit nicer than Quinn. Didn't miss him at all in this book, though I know he's not gone for good. You can really feel for Riley as she's trying to figure out what she wants and how to handle it, so you're really with her come the final outcome. I've always enjoyed the relationship between Rhoan and Riley, the way they care so much for each other and are so alike. It was good to see Rhoan challenging Riley's romantic state for once, as she's so often done for him. And it was interesting seeing their different takes on their childhood with their pack, and their mother too.

Overall, just hits the 4 star mark. It left me wanting more and wishing I'd been able to buy the next when I was shopping, just so I could find out how the end would affect her in the next book.

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