Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Paradise Lost by Kate Brian

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Was bored and some how ended up writing this review on Amazon (after writing a short, very silly, fluffy Phantom Stallion fanfic - don't ask - and yes it's on FF.net) so I decided I may as well post it here too. Can't remember when I read this, it was as soon as it came out and I could get my hands on it, I know that much.

Paradise Lost is the 9th book in the Private series by Kate Brian

"Paradise awaits....

Now that Cheyenne's murderer has been revealed and Reed knows the truth about who's been stalking her, she's ready to leave the heartache and turmoil of last semester behind. And what better way to recover than a five-star Caribbean vacation?

Reed is reunited with former Billings Girls Kiran and Taylor, and she and her friends take over the exclusive island. They spend their days tanning on white-sand beaches and their nights partying on sixty-foot yachts.

It's heaven on earth.

But as they raise their champagne flutes to toast their friendship, Reed worries that it's all too good to be true. Because even in paradise, the Billings Girls are never far from trouble -- and nothing's more dangerous than the calm before the storm..."

After the dramatic ending of Revelation, Reed is now off to St. Barts with Noelle and the rest of the Billings girls for some sun and a relaxing time. Instead she ends up in the 'Upton game' who will be first to get with the hottest guy on the island, Upton Giles?

But of course, nothing is so simple for Reed. She isn't the only one who falls for him (despite declaring her complete love for Josh at the beginning of the book) and suddenly strange things start happening to Reed. She feels like she's constantly being watched and bad stuff keeps happening to her, putting her life in danger, leaving this book on a cliff hanger once more, not dissimilar to Revelation in anyway.

I'm sorry, but what here is new? We once again have Reed being stalked, currently by an unknown, she's once again falling for the new hottest guy who of course thinks she's more amazing than any other girl ever, and she's still being dominated by Noelle, refusing to grow a back bone and give the girl the slap she deserves, claiming instead to be best friends.

The pace of the book is enough to keep reading, but nothing here is new or enough that I couldn't put it down. It's getting a little more than tedious and I'd like to see something a bit different. Even if that's simply Reed going back to Josh! Reality has never been the series strong point, but it's been interesting and a bit of silly fun none the less. Not this, this is just a repeat of the previous few books, with the pace sped up a little. You could see everything coming in this one, it didn't have any of the tension of previous books. And the beginning after the long wait from the great ending of Revelation was actually a real let down, really pretty boring. A real let down. Won't be looking for the next with any anticipation.

Okay, apologies, that got a little rant-y. Never mind. It's late. I don't care. Will go back to reviewing UF soon.

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