Friday, 2 April 2010

Coming Up Next...

Sparse blogging again :/ apologies. Those who follow me on twitter, or I chat with on the Pride, or a couple other places, will know that a week and a half ago I had to have my beloved bunny Bracken put to sleep. It was a very hellish night and the hardest decision to make and it's left me out of sorts. I do have a super cute new 9 week old baby bunny now, Ash, who I love, but even so, I miss my girl and I'm still not myself after making that call.

Have been struggling to settle in to reading anything for very long, so it's taking me a lot longer than normal to finish any book. Something I'm not too happy about, but I'm not going to force myself to read, that would be dumb. That said, I do owe a review of Ironside by Holly Black (a very good read) and I should finish The Mage In Black by Jaye Wells tomorrow and will try and get a review for that up pronto as well.

Also coming up soon, The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong. The final book in her Darkest Powers trilogy, which is officially released April 6th, but my copy is on it's way already, or will be tomorrow. I hope. The following week Kelley's Tales of the Otherworld is released, so expect a review of that one as well.

Once I'm done with Mage, I'm hoping to get through Evermore by Alyson Noel and The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan this week as well. After those, between Kelley's books most likely, I'm hoping to read the first Blue Bloods by by Melissa de la Cruz and Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater. Plus I've got a whole lot more sat on my TBR shelf. So plenty of (hopefully) good books to be reviewed soon, just gotta read 'em.


Jessica said...

Our lists are somewhat similar Cem! I'm almost done with my Vampire Diaries, so good. Then I might jump to the Mage in Black if I can find it this weekend, my copy of the Reckoning won't get here soon enough so that one will have to wait. Still have Blood of a Demon, The Devil's Playground to read as well and Silver Borne will be coming by Monday or Tuesday. And then there are still 2 other books I want to buy this weekend, along with buying Tales of the Otherworld the following week.

Too busy to read them all though. Too much school work and regular work. Agh. I get so behind on discussing books like these because I am so behind.

The Mage in Black any good so far? Loved the first one, re-read not too long ago too.

Jessica said...

Post got a little long, sorry about your rabbit. I always loved bunnies too. I used to have one, but got it too late, and I never had time to take care of her, and I felt bad for her, so I gave her to this nice little girl who was a daughter of a person my mom worked with.

I wanted her to go to a good home wither a little girl who had the time to play with her and everything. Maybe if I had gotten the bunny as a kid I would've done better, oh well. I still love rabbits, I just can't handle owning one. I barely tolerate the dogs we have because they're brats. Mostly my mom's dogs.

I like animals, I just don't like owning them.

Cem said...

Heh, I'm a total animal person. Better with them then people. Seriously. The only reason my house isn't full of cats and dogs as well as bunnies and small furries is my dad's allergic. Violently allergic to cats to the point where if I've been playing with a friends, 5mins in the room with me and just the fur on my clothes sets him off! He's not so bad with dogs, but still can't have one :(

I just finished Mage 2mins ago, literally, and yes, it's very good! Should have a review up later, if I can get my brain to work, otherwise, might be Monday cause of plans tomorrow.

Re: your reading list, read Silver Borne as soon as you have your hands on it because it is completely awesome!! lol