Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Magic Strikes UK

The Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews are due to be released later this year in the UK (finally), and they're getting different covers to the US. I already posted the cover for Magic Bites (book 1) and Magic Burns (book 2) but now the third one is up on AmazonUK.
My thoughts for this runs similar to the previous two. She just doesn't look tough enough to be Kate. Must prefer the US covers myself, think they're much nicer. Though I do like the design of the titles on these ones. They're not bad covers really, just...felt they could have done more with them.

However, if you've not yet read any of the Kate books, I highly, highly recommend you do!! As soon as possible! They are truly fantastic books. Dark, gritty and with a great tension and humor to them. A UF series not to be missed! They are, along side Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy series, my favourite series full stop.

UK release dates for the Kate books:
Magic Bites 9th September
Magic Burns 14th October
Magic Strikes 11th November

There isn't (that I can find) a UK date for the fourth book, Magic Bleeds, yet but it's out in the US May 25th. Not long now!! I can't wait!!


Jessica said...

I agree with you Cem. I've only read the first book and couldn't get into it. But I have seen the covers and think there's something more to the US ones. The UK ones have Kate looking...not fierce. On the US cover that I have of book 1, she looks tough, here not so much.

Cem said...

Oh pretty please give the Kate books another try Jess!! Book one isn't great, the author themselves say it, but book 2 is a huge improvement and book 3 is one of the very best UF books I've ever read full stop! It's worth getting through book 1 for the others, I promise you.

But yes, here she doesn't look tough at all. Bre on Pride just summed it up really nicely: she reminds me a cheerleader trying to look tough.

Says it all.