Monday, 1 November 2010

Please Excuse the Mess [EDITED]

Blog backgroud/colors edit in progress. May mean things look...wrong or bad for the next hour or so, apologies!! Neat blog will be returned as soon as possible. Basically right now the 'edits' page of the blog design looks like something akin to this:

 Or maybe this:

And kinda this:

'this' by the way, is (in order) my living room/kitchen/living room at various stages over the past week. There is also dining room furiture in the kitchen as new flooring is going down in there as well. Joy. It's almost done now, thankfully, but it won't be as quick as the blog makeover *sigh*

EDIT: Okay, I've had enough. Done with editing colors for now. Opinions please? Do the text colors work? Too bright? Too dull? Not match? I know I can't please everyone, but if there is a big problem, obviously I want to fix it and keep my followers happy. Speaking off, 100 followers giveaway here!!

1 comment:

evilqueen21 said...

I like this way too, I'm not a fan of the orange but the white looks good, but I really liked when you were tinkering with the Blue & Yellow scheme better.