Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Threads by Sophia Bennett

August 2009, Chicken House
272 pages, Paperback (*)
Review copy

(* I adore this cover! I was given a special edition one, designed by Giles Deacon (I'd never heard of him, but he's a top fashion designer (I know next to zilch about the fashion industry), which really does fit in with the design element of the book, but I like the original best. It's bright and snazzy and more my style.)

Young Adult,

Fashion, school life (GSCE year), celebrities, the realities of being an actress, moving up (and making moves in) the fashion world, the cruel realities of life in other parts of the world, photography, beautiful creations, lots of humour, tissues most definitely needed

Summary from Chicken House 
Nonie’s passion is fashion. Humanitarian Edie wants to save the world. And budding actress Jenny has just landed a small part in a Hollywood blockbuster. But when these three friends meet a young African refugee girl called Crow, sketching a dress at the Victoria and Albert Museum, they get the chance to pool their talents and do something truly wonderful, proving that fashion fairy tales really can happen.

Nayuleska's reasons for loving Nonnie....she has such a big heart. Crow works her way into Nonnie's heart, and Nonnie makes things happen for everyone.

Is there another character who deserves a mention? Sweet little Crow, who is one talented young girl. But my favourite character is Edie - such a nerd, and puts her foot in it, but like Nnnie she has a big heart and does all she can for Crow, which Jenny can't always do as she's away so much.

How evil/nasty is the enemy? There isn't really one - apart from the evil sickos who start the horrendous wars and conflicts in the world.

Are there plenty of plot twists and surprises? Several very good surprises which I thought would end up as bad ones.

One of my favourite parts was...I can't say because its the end event which made me need a tissue. I'll opt for the one when Crow takes her sewing machine on holiday, and Nonie remarks it is Crow's version of a teddy bear.

There's only one rating for this - 10/10, hands down.

Find out more about Threads and the other books on Sophia's website.

Suggested reads
In some ways Nonie's fashion sense reminded me of Viola in Viola in Reel Life by Adriana Trigiani(For some reason I haven't reviewed the sequel, which is really odd because I enjoyed it, but I think I read it when life was being very life-y. At some point I'll try to review online, rather than just in my head).

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