Wednesday, 1 June 2011

City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare

July 2008, Walker
416 pages, Paperback
Personal Copy

Young Adult, Urban Fantasy

Demons, lots of danger, moderate amount of gore, lots of fighting, cool weapons, friendships and family relationships, magic, new abilities, werewolves, vampires, a few adult themes, possibly a few swear words (can't quite remember)

Summary from Walker

The second book in the bestselling urban fantasy trilogy, The Mortal Instruments.

Haunted by her past, Clary is dragged deeper into New York City's terrifying underworld of demons and Shadowhunters - but can she control her feelings for a boy who can never be hers?

Nayuleska's reasons for loving Clary...she's not totally clueless now she's got a better idea of what's going on. The incest issue with Jace was something I wasn't so keen on.

Is there another character who deserves a special mention? Maia the werewolf - I'm quite fond of her for some reason! What happens between her and Simon made me laugh when I don't think I should have been laughing.

How evil/nasty is the enemy? Valentine is still evil, and continues to command super evil demons to help with his world domination plans.

Are there plenty of plot twists/surprises? There are some startling changes and revelations, especially at the end. Thank goodness I had book 3 beside me.

 One of my favourite parts was...when Clary discovers a new power (I'm so hoping that was in book two - currently reading book three and I'm worried I might have muddled them up!)

I'm a bit mixed about this book, and I'm giving it 7/10. (I can happily report I like Clary way better in book 3!)

Make sure you read Cem's review on this (I didn't read it before writing mine)

Suggested reading
Definitely read book one in the series, City of Bones

Also try the Chloe Neill's pretty awesome  Some Girls Bite where Merit's personality captured me from start to finish.

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