Friday, 6 February 2009

Early Morning Blogging


Probably a bad time to blog, but I'm awake and the site I'd normally be messing around on, is down and I feel like writing. And better this than trying to write. If I start writing, it will go two ways, one where I stay up for another couple hours cause I hit on something I really like. Or I get really frustrated with it cause I can't focus on it properly. Either way, not a good idea. So I shall satisfy myself by babbling away on here for a few minutes instead. Or that's the theory. Not sure it's going to work. But oh well.

Had an odd evening the other day. Had been an okay day, nothing really happened, thought I was doing okay, turned out I wasn't. Dad snapped at me for something I didn't do and I snapped back. Haven't done that in a while. And it's been even longer since snapping back ended in me storming out and collapsing in tears. Cause: Exhaustion. Not a good sign. So when I woke up to a knock at the front door this morning (well, yesterday morning now) and then checked the clock, I shouldn't have been surprised to see that it was almost midday. Guess I really needed the sleep. Except now I feel all screwed up, not rested. I spent the rest of the day reading, just like I'd been planning, but I did so feeling flat. Kept looking outside at the snow coated world around me and just didn't care. Bad day. Need real sleep to help. Hard to sleep at a regular time when you sleep 'til midday though. Been here before, and I doubt this is the last time I'll deal with this problem.

Mostly I'm hoping tomorrow, er, today, goes better. I don't like days where nothing really affects me. And yet when they happen, I can't improve them any. The best I can do is to not let the day get any worse, which I think I managed for once. Now if I could just sleep and feel better when I wake, that'd be great.

Not sure putting 24 on was a good idea either. Could quite happily stay up and watch a couple more episodes despite it now being a little after 3am. Just not tired enough to go to bed and sleep. So, better to ramble on here about nothing and watch 24 than lie in bed unable to sleep. Think too much then. Not a good idea in this state.

Huh. Lots of bad ideas in this post. Knew it wasn't a good idea to blog now. Just don't care though.

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