Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Late Night Ramblings...


I really do need to get out of this stupid sleep routine, but oh well.

I've been spending the past couple of days sorting out my room, and I always forget how long it takes. Even if I could do more than CFS allows me to it would take forever. I always think 'oh I just need to move a few things, tidy up a little in the wordrobe maybe, throw a few obvious things out.' But it never happens like that, before I know it, I'm sorting everything. And I really mean that. Most of the rooms been tackled now, tomorrow I tackle the top of my wordrobe. That's going to be the killer. There is a massive amount of stuff piled up there and it will take a long while, longer than I expect I'm sure, for me to go through it all. Right now I have a few piles of random stuff scattered around my room because there's no point puttin stuff away when I'll likely want to move it, or add things to it once I've sorted through the wordrobe. So for now, just a mess. A mess that will probaby triple tomorrow. Sigh. Worth it, but totally, totally draining.

My main aim for this week had been to go shopping in town one day, that day was going to be Tuesday, then Wednesday, now at the earliest it will be Thursday. If, big if, I don't end up overdoing it tomorrow. Which is highly likely. So, that probably means shopping next week instead. Amazing how simple plans end up being derailed. Well, I'd go shopping and sort out tomorrow, but I can barely do one cause of CFS, so sorting comes first. That way, if I decide I need anything, I can get it at the same time.

Thankfully, I've not been too tired to write. Though I will be if I keep being hit by midnight muses. That happened a couple nights ago. I hadn't touched SoD c11 for a couple days and I just opened it to look and see what I thought I might do the following day, instead I started writing and didn't stop for about 2 hours. Got some stuff in there that I hadn't been planning on, but I really like it, so it's a good thing. Currently have c11 in 5 different word documents though, which I simply find amusing. It's a long chapter, but not nearly long enough to warrent that! Still, it's all good. I managed to get more done again today, until I hit a block that can't be overcome with out sleep and rest, but it's coming on really well. Easier than any chapter since the first couple I think. Which is nice. That said, the next could prove tougher. I know what's going to happen in it, it's been roughly plotted, but I think I'm still going ot struggle to write it. Still, almost there. It will soon be all finished.

And in time for Spring Harvest, just like I promised Emma. Though I admit, when she said last year it had to be done so she could read it all this year, I thought 'Sure, no problem. If it takes me even close to that to get it finished, I'll be really fed up.' And here we are only a couple months from SH and it's not yet done. But it will be. It has to be. That's the deal.

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