Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Hopefully Not So Bad...

I've just been rambling on in an email to a good friend about how odd I've been feeling lately, so hopefully it won't spill in to this for a change. Other than writing that of course.

CFS is a strange thing to deal with. You have to think about how something is going to affect you the day or even days after you do something as well as the day you do it. Now, having been ill for 9 years now, you'd think I knew that. But, when I agreed to see to a friends dogs for an hour twice a week, I forgot that. Now, it's not somethign I regret or that i'll stop doing, but having not ridden last Saturday due to the weather, I've noticed I'm not feeling nearly as bad as I have been this time of the week. So, it's made me take notice of things. Like how doing stuff 4 days a week, in a row, is a really bad idea for me. And yet I do it anyway. Nothing to give up. Well, anymore, this coming Sunday will be the last Mettle Sunday I help at, and then I won't have anything to give up. Nothing I want to change either. Just need to find a better way to do everything and not suffer so badly for it. Ha, if that's even possible!!

Getting more regular sleep would probably help *glances at the clock that reads 12.04am and knows it will be at least an hour before she goes to bed* ...but I'm kinda addicted to my late nights!

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