Saturday, 6 March 2010

I can't decide...

...what I think of the UK cover for the first Kate Daniels book, that has just gone up on amazon. The Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews is one of my two most favourite series ever and since it was announced months ago that they were being released in the UK as well, I've been looking forward to seeing what they do with the covers. This is the answer for book 1, Magic Bites:Quite seriously, I just woke up 10mins ago, so I'm not all that awake and will no doubt have more opinion on it when I am awake. I like Curran (the lion for those who don't read the series - and if you don't, do it's awesome), but I'm not convinced about 'Kate'. She doesn't look ready to use that sword to me, simply that she's holding it trying to look tough. Which is what she is doing... I do like the font for the title though! Curious to see how the Magic Burns, Strikes and Bleeds covers come out now. Anyone else have an opinion? Oh and for comparison (if you're interested) this is the US cover for it:

I prefer Kate on this cover, she looks more like how I see Kate in the books. And I do prefer seeing an actual lion as Curran. But the UK version of Curran is pretty cool too. And we get a cooler title. Not sure which I like best now either.

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