Tuesday, 23 March 2010

A Change of Color

UK cover for Magic Burns is now live on AmazonUK. Two most obvious differences to the Bites cover? Background color (purple instead of green) and 'Kate's' top (red instead of blue). It's the same style top even, just a different color.
Some how she manages to look (very) slightly tougher in this one to Bites (see my post I can't decide) but other than that, I don't really like it. She's just posing. She doesn't look like she's some tough magic wielding, ass-kicking, Beast Lord loving girl, she just looks...like some not-so-smart girl posing with a big sword she doesn't know how to use.

I'm also disappointed with 'Curran' on this one, cause he looks a little...odd, to put it politely. I'd rather they had an image of a real lion to represent him, or a really hot, rough around the edges guy. Pity. I so wanted the UK covers for these to be good, but no, for a change the US gets the better ones. *sigh*

Admittedly, it could be far worse. But really, these books should have some of the most awesome covers in existance, and this just isn't it.

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