Saturday, 15 May 2010

The Demon in Me by Michelle Rowen

Eden Riley is little bit psychic, and thanks to a lucky (or possibly unlucky) psychic moment, Eden finds herself working as a psychic consultant for the police. Working one such scene Eden comes face to face with a serial killer, who is quickly gunned down by the very hot detective Ben. But when the killer dies, a black 'smoke' comes from him and heads for Eden. The next thing Eden knows, there is a voice in her head claiming to be that of a demon.

Eden's psychic power works in the demon, Darrak's, favor, giving him the ability to take physical form in daylight hours. He tells Eden he lost his body 300 years ago and that this is the first time since then he's been able to take physical form again. But it doesn't change that he's cursed. With Eden's help he hopes to track down the witch responsible for his curse and break it. And like it or not, Eden has no choice but to help.

This is the first book in Michelle's new Living In Eden paranormal romance series. Normally, I'm not overly fond of PNR, I prefer urban fantasy with romantic subplots. But some times PNR makes a nice change, and this a great change. I loved this book. I could barely put it down and read it in a day easily. Eden has the hots for Detective Ben Hanson, but having Darrak living inside of her complicates things. She may be psychic but she's unaware of the rest of the supernatural world around her and Darrak's about to give her a crash course.

I love Eden's character. She's strong, but vulnerable. She's been hurt before and she's trying both to move on, and protect herself from being hurt again. She's smart and funny and easy to like. I wasn't so quick to like Darrak, but there was always something new to find out about him which I really enjoyed. The side characters weren't quite so well rounded, but they worked just fine and added to the story.

While romance is a big part of this story, there is more to it than only the romance and I think that's why I enjoyed this so much. It's not a straight forward romance either. One complication after another makes for entertaining reading. There were some good laugh out loud moments as well as some serious and painful ones, and some twists that took me by surprise. A really good read and I'll be looking out for the second book, Something Wicked, in October. I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens next for Eden and Darrak. 8/10

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