Saturday, 21 August 2010

Hunger Games Fans Be Warned!!!

Carla over at The Crooked Shelf has very unfortunately found a spoilerific review of Mockingjay on Goodreads! She's doing her best to get the word around with twitter and her blog and I'm doing the same because I would be just as devastated and angry as she very rightly is. Her reaction post is here and if anyone thinks she's out of line, you're nuts. I'm staying off Goodreads until after I've read Mockingjay and if you don't want to risk spoilers, I advise you do the same!!

How someone can think it's okay to post a spoiler heavy review of a book that is Embargoed until release and the author herself has requested people not ruin the outcome for anyone else I don't know!!! So freaking furious about it and I've not even had it spoiled for me. I had the outcome of Harry Potter 5 spoiled for me when it first came out and that was bad enough. I loathe spoilers for a very good freaking reason and I wish everyone else was the same. Most book lovers are, but some ignorant people really don't care about ruining something for others and I just honestly don't understand it. /rant

Oh, I am btw going to be offline Tues/Weds til I've finished Mockingjay for this very reason. If it wasn't for knowing all the people I follow on twitter respect people who loathe spoilers even if they'll read them themselves, I'd be off there now til I was done. Ugh. Okay, /rant for real this time.


Rabid Fox said...

Hmmm. Perhaps the person wrote the spoiler-filled review and simply neglected to used the "includes spoilers" option that hides the text from people browsing. At any rate, I'm with you in that it really sucks when you stumble upon spoilers to a book you've been looking forward to reading.

Cem said...

That's true, it could have been a simple mistake, but personally I feel that it's one that shouldn't have been made. With a review for a book that popular, before release, making sure that spoiler button was used should have been something that was double checked. Or that's my view anyway, but I'm very vocal about my loathing for spoilers, so don't mind me ;)