Sunday, 29 August 2010

Blog Silence

Am heading off on a short holiday today. Will be gone until Wednesday and will *shock horror* have no internet access aside from twitter on my phone. If my phone works. Which it often doesn't right now. How I shall survive without hourly internet checks I do not know.

Still. I am heading to the New Forest with my lovely mom who offered to take me away for a few days (due to my having CFS/ME going away alone would have been....well pretty much nearly impossible, even if I could have afforded it, which I can't.). Heading there to see (semi) wild ponies =D Seeing as I love horses more than books (I admit it's a close call but I do) I am very much looking forward to this trip!! I expect to take a crazy amount of photos and only have 2 or 3 semi decent ones from them as I'm terrible with a camera. But it should be good fun anyway, as long as this bug that's trying to attack me holds off and it doesn't rain the whole time (this being England, it's highly likely).

Unlikely I'll post anything when I get back Wednesday, I suspect I'll come in and collapse. But I am taking a huge portion of my TBR shelf with me (mom: "you can take a whole crate of books if you want, then you can just leave them in the car, take what you fancy in to the hotel, but you're not limited by choice." I love my mom.) so hopefully I can spend Thursday/Friday/Saturday posting a few reviews. Of course, this all rests on me being well enough while I'm away to read/finish any books. But I'm hoping for the best! See ya'll soon and have a great week =D

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