Wednesday, 18 August 2010

New Excepts! [EDITED]

Thanks to HarperTeen, the first 70 pages of Paranormalcy by Kiersten White (due out August 31st) are now available to read free with their Browse Inside feature! The book has a gorgeous cover and sounds great, but this was the first time I actually read anything from it. Very, very good start and I'm really looking forward to more!! More than a little curious to get to know Evie and Lend more!

Another new snippet that's just gone live is from Richelle Mead's forth coming short story titled 'Sunshine' which is in the Kisses from Hell anthology. It's due out 24th August in the US, 30th September in the UK, and also features Kelley Armstrong, Alyson Noel, Kristin Cast and Francesca Lia Block. The short story is set in the Vampire Academy world and tells of how Lissa's parents met. Read it the snippet here on her site. If you're up to date with the series then you'll understand why I'm fascinated to get to meet both these characters for the first time. And it's a great snippet! Really looking forward to reading the rest of it next week.

EDIT! Second link for a Harper Teen Browse Inside. This time for Firelight by Sohpie Jordan. It's out 7th September and having just read the first 7 chapters, I am desperate for it! So, so good and I am falling seriously in love with it already. Read them here.

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