Saturday, 7 August 2010

New Cover Love!!

Rachel Vincent did something a little different with the reveal for her new US Soul Screamers cover. She did a countdown widget for it and it went live with the cover at midnight last night (depending on where in the world you are, was about 6 or 7am here I think). Anyway, Was very excited to get up and see it this morning and WOW! It is, without a doubt, my favourite Soul Screamers cover to date. The color is beautiful, the pose is beautiful, the layout (tilte/author name) works perfectly, and it's generally just stunning, don't ya agree?
If you're not familiar with Rachel's YA series, it's about a teenaged banshee, or bean sidhe to be more correct, Kaylee, and it's very, very good! There is a free e-book prequal available to download here on Rachel's site. The books currently out are My Soul To Take, My Soul To Save and My Soul To Keep and for me they just get better. MSTSteal is due out Jan 1st 2011 in the US (I believe Dec 1st 2010 in Aus, so if you're there, you're VERY lucky!) and I really, really can't wait for it. There is also a short story set in the Soul Scremers universe, though not with the main character, in the Kiss Me Deadly anthology which I reviewed recently here. It's a fantastic short and I can't wait to see the main character from that, Sabine, meet Kaylee in MSTSteal. Should be very exciting!! Shaping up to be the best book of the series so far and MSTKeep is hard to top.


Jessica said...

This is my fave Soul Screamers cover! It's the best! Love this blue!

So Cem, do you think the guy is Nash? I mean it's the most likely choice really, but my other side always likes to play devil's advocate or whatever and says "well, what about Tod?".

Don't know how much I really believe that though! It's possible, but I'm leaning more towards Nash.

Cem said...

Haha. Was waiting for someone, somewhere to bring up 'is it Nash?' My guess, yes. I don't see how it can be anyone else. Tod's not interested in Kaylee that way, and she's not interested in him that way. Their friends brother/sister relationship. So really, it has to be Nash.

And the blue is beautiful! And edged in black really works for it as well.