Friday, 12 March 2010

Last Sacrifice

Richelle Mead has been teasing her readers for a week now about big news coming. Today that news is live and it's the title for the 6th and final Vampire Academy book: Last Sacrifice.

The word 'yikes' springs to mind! I have a feeling it doesn't bode well for one, or several, of our beloved characters! The post also confirmed that the release date is set for 14th December 2010, so after Spirit Bound we will have just 7 months to wait for the end. Still a long wait, one that may kill me, but it's far better than having to wait a year for it! I can not wait to find out what happens!

Richelle also announced her US Spirit Bound tour dates, which may be of interest to others, you'll find them here:

So, Last Sacrifice. Who's it going to be? Opinions? Ideas? Comments? Go see my new Richelle Mead Fan Forum and speculate! lol


Jessica said...

OMG! That so doesn't bode well with my stomach! Eek!! Last sacrifice?? Oh god, does that mean one of Rose's friends will die?? Okay, want to say it won't be Dimitri because...because it WON'T be Dimitri! ;)

I want to say no to Lissa too, because they've been friends forever. And Rose has to be out, ending the series by killing the MC? Really don't think that'll happen.

My guess then falls to Adrian trying to save Rose or maybe Christian trying to save Lissa. That's where my guess lies, one of the two. Maybe I'll make a more concrete guess after SB

Jessica said...

OMG! I just checked the link! She's coming to St. Louis!!!! No one EVER comes to St. Louis!!

I know I'll see her at RT in April, but this way I can get SB signed by her in May!!! OMG, so freaking happy!!

Jessica said...

Hey Cem! You received an award over at my blog!