Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Cover Jealousy?

Not this time.

There are many book covers I adore. There are many book covers that I adore the US version/dislike the UK version of and vise versa. This time, I had high expectations for the cover for Lili St. Crow's third Strange Angels book, Jealousy because the first first two I love. They're dramatic and Dru is exactly how I picture her from the descriptions inside. So I've been looking forward to the cover for Jealousy to be revealed for a while. With a title like that and how the series is hotting up, and two great preceding covers, how could this one go wrong, right? Well, it did. At least in my opinion. Chances are if you're a fan of the series and follow Lili anywhere you've already seen this but I'm posting it here cause anyway cause I want to comment on it.
I love the purple smoke color of this one, but other than totally falls flat for me. The guy, who can't be Graves cause Graves has Asian blood in him, isn't close to hot enough for the super sexy Christophe (though if I had my way, he'd be out of the picture, Graves is far hotter ;)). And the's very plain. The Betrayals cover (book 2) features Dru front and center with both guys in the distance behind her. Why couldn't they bring them both forward, so the was stood between them, them both looking possessive or something? Would have been better in my opinion.


Apologies for that, but it had to be said. It's the second cover to disappoint lately, the UK version of Magic Bites being the first. Good thing? Content inside will almost certainly make me not care in the slightest. Far better a bad cover on a great book that vise versa. And I'm still desperate to read it even with the not so good cover!


Jessica said...

Maybe it's a new guy. I thought of Christophe too since Graves is definitely out for it to be him, but yeah. He's definitely not hot enough to be Christophe. Christophe is described more hot like, although still kind of think I'm Team Graves too, but I don't totally throw Christophe to the curb.

Maybe this is some new guy Dru hooks up with. Why, I don't know. And the "jealousy" comes from both Christophe and Graves. Guess we have to wait until the summer to find out.

Jessica said...

Hey Cem! Got another award for you!