Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Bad Blood by Mari Mancusi

Bad Blood is the fourth book in the Blood Coven series, and like the books before it is a bit of light fun with some semi-dark twists. This time it's back to Sunny's story as she finds herself facing competition for Magnus' (leader of the Blood Coven) affection. It has been decided that Magnus requires a blood mate to rule with him, leaving his human girlfriend Sunny, feeling left out. But his 'perfect match' doesn't seem to be quite what she says, at least not to Sunny and she's determined to find out the truth.

Along with her twin sister Rayne, they sneek after Magnus, the potential blood mate and several other vampires to Las Vages where the blood mate cermoney is going to be held. Once there, Sunny does her best to find out just what Jane is hiding, whilst dealing with some unforeseen family issues that she finds start to come between her and Rayne.

The Buffy references here are fewer than the previous book, but there are a few subtle ones. But even without them, this book made me laugh out loud repeatedly. The characters are a little shallow and flakey but they have their deeper moments too. I hope this isn't the last book because they really are fun shorter reads. 7/10

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