Tuesday, 16 February 2010

This and That

So I owe a review for First Drop of Crimson by Jeaniene Frost, which I read a week ago, but I've yet to get round to writing. Apologies for that, I will try and get to it in the tonight or tomorrow. Other than that...it'll be a week or so at least before anything else gets reviewed, for the simple fact that I'm not reading much new stuff right now. I'm reading A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray (thanks to a certain Pride Mod who is awesome!) and really, really loving it. I'm not big on historical stuff normally, but this is really great!! But it takes a lot of concentration for me to read, and that's something that tires me quickly, so it's slower reading than anything else.

Around that, I'm rereading the Georgina Kincaid series by Richelle Mead ahead of the 5th book, Succubus Shadows, being released next month. I may write reviews for them, I may not. Will depend if I can be bothered lol. I will say if you've not read them, you really should! They're a great read with some fantastic humor thrown in. I'd forgotten just how good they are in fact!

One thing I am MEGA excited about is that Richelle Mead, who is one of my most favourite authors, is doing a couple signings in the UK this week. Me and two of my best friends are going to one of them on Thursday and I'm beyond excited about it! I can't really believe I'm going to get the chance to actually meet her! The trip though, is a couple hours one way, so add it all together and it's going to be a very, very long day for me and I'm going to be really ill afterwards for several days. I'm pretty sure it'll be totally worth it though! I've promised several people to take pics, so I may try and do a mini recap of it here, for ease, but it won't be until Saturday at least in all likely hood as Friday I will be curled up in bed in pain watching various DVDs.

And that's the end of my rambling hyper enduced post, to your relief I'm sure. Apologies again for the lack of reviews.

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Jessica said...

Oh wow, she's in the UK already? Time flies. Have fun Cem!

I still haven't decided on reading the Georgina books, too much else to read and homework. Ugh, that's why my presence at the Pride's been minimal. Last year of college so I need to keep up on everything and get this and that done for graduation. And now I have midterms...fun...

I'm reading FDOC right now and I'm really enjoying it! And I'm hoping the mail brings me my copy of Shift today, if not I have to go to one of my Borders where they supposedly have one on hold for me.

So I can talk to you again! :P

Of course I still have to write up one more midterm paper before reading, but I can do that easily on Monday.

Make sure to post your pics with Richelle! I can't wait to meet her in April!