Saturday, 13 February 2010

Girls That Growl by Mari Mancusi

"Rayne McDonald thought getting in to the Blood Coven was the hard part. But now there's a new breed of trouble in town...and the former slayer and her vampire boyfriend may be the only ones who can stop it.

Now that she's an official vampire and full-fledged member of the Blood Coven, Rayne assumes her vampire-slaying days are over. Sure, she doesn't have any vampire powers, thanks to a mutated blood virus, but she and Jareth can go out in the sun, which is a pretty good trade-off. But just when Rayne's starting to enjoy her afterlife, she's contacted by Slayer Inc. once again. It seems that a member of her high school's football team has disappeared and the powers-that-be think the cheerleaders had something to do with it. Now Rayne has to infiltrate the squad before the cheerleaders have a chance to sink their teeth into someone else..."

Girls That Growl is the third book in the Blood Coven series by Mari Mancusi. It follows Rayne who is both a vampire and a slayer, as she works her latest assignment: figure out where the missing football player has gone, and if the cheerleaders (who have been heard growling) are involved. A goth girl who is normally tormented by the cheerleaders, try out for the squad? Sounds pretty much like Rayne's version of hell.

I love this series for it's Buffy references. This book has obvious ties to episodes The Witch, Phases and Ted, with some slightly more obscure references to other episodes. And all this is ignoring Rayne's opening letter to Joss Whedon. The series isn't very serious or deep, the characters are a little cliched at times, and the plots little silly. But they're really good fun anyway. They make for great light reading for a couple hours. And being a big Buffy fan myself, I like the reminders of great episodes that I love. 7/10

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