Thursday, 4 February 2010

Shift by Rachel Vincent

Quick note to those couple people not speaking to me at present because I got Shift before you: I'm fine with it, love you and speak to you when you do get it! In the mean time, I'ma go read it again ;)

Spoilers for previous books, but not Shift!

Shift is the 5th book in Rachel Vincent's Shifters series and picks up a week or so after Prey. Faythe and her Pride are still deep in mourning for the loss of one of their own and busy plotting their revenge against Calvin Malone and his supporters for that death. But things take an unexpected and very dangerous turn when they are attacked out of the blue by Thunderbirds. Giant bird shifters with deadly hooked wings and talons, putting the werecats at a big disadvantage by their ablilty to fly. Faythe is determined to get to the truth behind the attacks, but can she do it and take care of teenage tabby Kaci? With her personal life in turmoil and Malone determined to have both tabbies for himself, it's going to be far from easy. But Faythe's never been one to back away from a fight.

I loved this series from the first book, and it's grown on me with every book. The characters are vivid and flawed, but have grown a huge amount throughout the series learning from mistakes and the difficult decisions that have been made along the way. Shift sees Faythe trying to deal with the consequences of one of her biggest mistakes, sleeping with Jace, without hurting either him or Marc. Jace has grown and changed a whole lot since Ethan's death as well. He's not content with playful flirtation with Faythe anymore, or being a low-ranking enforcer. He's showing potential that shocks those closest to him and gives greater depth to his character.

I couldn't help but feel for both Faythe and Jace as they worked together through this book, against the thunderbirds and Malone's cats. My heart ached for Marc and his place in the situation too, loving Faythe and wanting her to finally commit to him, unaware of her actions with Jace. And Kaci, a young werecat who knows little of their world and yet finds herself in the middle of a war, trusting in Faythe to keep her safe. Faythe is facing huge decisions, both personally and professionally, in the hunt to save those she loves and I felt every up and down, twist and turn along with her. I love how she's gone from a mouthy brat in Stray, to someone who has great potential to be a very good leader.

The action started on page one and never really let up. The thunderbirds were well described bringing them to vivid life, and something that gave me chills. There were some really great twists and I was never sure what was going to happen until the end. The tension built through the book right to the intense ending, but there were a couple good lighter moments that made me laugh too. I think this has replaced Prey as my favourite book of the series, although it doesn't hold quite the level of shock Prey did, it was so well put together and created a real tension that made it impossible for me to put down. I really feel for all the characters and the troubles they're in, and Faythe in particular, as she makes some really tough decisions. Things are a long way from over for any of them, and I really can't guess what's going to be thrown at them next! I'm really, really anxious to read Alpha, the final book in the series, and find out! 9/10


evilqueen21 said...

*sigh* I was still talking to you but now I'm thinking I'm going to stop! Something tells me your having a little to much fun gloating over us! ;)

Great review Cem! I NEED my copy to arrive in the mail like YESTERDAY!...but really better than Prey? I don't know if that's possible. I can't wait to find out for myself. Hurry up RoyalMail!! (is that what you guys call it?!)

Anonymous said...

i am sooo jealous right now between the exerts and the speculations and now your review (which was great) im dieing to get my hands on it lol

Jessica said...

Soooo not happy with Miss Cem. Soooo not.

Great review though.

Still not happy with you missy! I'll be lucky if I can get a copy on the 18th, my stores are stingy about that. Last year I had to wait for PREY even though the stores kept saying they had it! Was not happy then. Still not happy.

*little voice speaks up* glad you finally got copy before all us in the states though. It was your turn.


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princess_angel said... now i wish i had my seriously!!! Better than Prey??..hmm..that's really saying something :O