Wednesday, 3 February 2010

I am hopeless

I keep meaning to review The High Lord and Graceling and not. I will try and get to them soon though. I'm nearly done with Fang, the new Maximum Ride book, so I'll owe a review on that soon too. But the great thing? Shift by Rachel Vincent, one of my 'most wanted' books this year, is in the post early!! UK release date is stated as 19th Feb, but (assuming nothing goes wrong) it'll be in my hands tomorrow!!

I am ridiculously excited about this! And I promise to post a (spoiler free) review of it once it's finished. No waiting, I will ignore the other lax reviews, and review Shift cause hey, how could I not? lol

Makes a nice change for a book to be out in the UK well before the US too. I like that I can tease my US friends that I know what happens in it before them. But I also know it's going to be tough keeping my mouth shut too for so long! Thank goodness for my RL friend who loves the series almost as much as me!

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Jessica said...

Oh Cem, *shakes head*, you are at the top of my not favorite people list right now.

Won't be removed until I get my copy of Shift. Not happy with you missy.

See you in a few weeks when I can be happy ;)