Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Will you be my Valentine? [Edited]

So for the latest Richelle Mead blog contest, she's asking fans to create Valentine's related works of art based on her books in one way or another. Art is in no way my strong suit, but hey, it's got good prizes and (like with the lolcats version of her books) I fancied having a go. So here is my Dark Swan entry:
With my non-existent photo shop skills, I decided to go the old fashioned route and cut stuff out and stuck it all together. Do I sound pathetic when I say I had great fun with it? Like being a little kid in school again! hehe

Now just about anyone who's spoken to me any time about books away from this blog will know that I'm completely obsessed with Rose and Dimitri from Richelle's Vampire Academy series. So why did I pick to do one from her Dark Swan series? Because simply, this idea hit me and a VA one didn't. Though I'm tossing a few VA ones around now, and I may spend tomorrow working on a R&D one too...

EDIT: I WON I WON!! When Richelle finally picked winners, she picked 6 of them, and I was one of them with the above entry. Am so beyond thrilled about it :) Prize: Signed ARC of Succubus Shadows and any of the other books from her back list, I chose Succubus Dreams as my second because I adore that book too. And I already have all VA's signed. And Storm Born. Just need Thorn Queen, Succubus Nights (On Top) and Succubus Heat signed now...

Also, on a completely unrelated note, my 'Currently reading' thing ---> is not correct. Was going to read Bad Blood next, then didn't, and...haven't bothered changing the thing yet. Will when I get in to something new, right now I'm rereading Richelle's Succubus not completely unreleated I guess.


Jessica said...
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Jessica said...

Niiice Cem!

Still mad at you for not only HAVING Shift already, but for already having finished READING it.

I probably won't even be able to find it on the 18th because my luck sucks. :(

I would say lend me yours, but what with us being on different continents, I figure I might as well wait for it to be released over here.