Saturday, 27 February 2010


Okay, so for months now (literally) a friend of mine has been pushing me to read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. It's been sat on my shelf for a couple weeks, but yesterday I finally picked it up. I just finished it about 20 minutes ago and all I can say is Wow. I completely love it and owe Nikki a big apology for a) being doubtful of it's awesomeness and b) not reading it sooner despite her assurances it was awesome.

I will do an actual review soon, just want to say if you've not yet read the books, read them. Now. I've got the second one sat beside me now and I can't wait to dig in, but honestly, even if I don't like it as much I won't care, because book one is awesome!

More awesomeness:
That's the cover for Rachel Vincent's final (sob) Shifters book, due out Oct 1st and every time I look at it, I fall a little more in love with it! Chances are you've seen it already if you're a fan of the series, but I don't care, I'm posting it anyway.

Rachel also recently posted the (not quite final - it's got to have a quote added to it) cover for her third Soul Screamers book, My Soul To Keep:

Pretty sure it's my favourite of her SS covers so far. I love the purple so much!

Also, I'm much in love with the Korean covers for Vampire Academy. They're so freaking cool! but trying to limit the picture heaviness of this post, I'm just going to link to Richelle's blog where they are posted in all their glory: here! I want them simply to look at the covers. Couldn't attempt to read any of it, but I want the covers! Badly! lol


evilqueen21 said...

*Takes a bow* Bask in my AWESOMENESS!!!

... Due to your humble apology, you are forgiven! ;-)

Honestly with Hunger Games being so top notch amazing it is and was impossible to beat (IMO) but with that being said Catching Fire is still really enjoyable and it set the stage for MockingJay (the 3rd and final one) to blow us away! I am so excited! I'm counting down to August 24th!!

Jessica said...

I'll wait to see what you say in your review Cem. If Nikki says this is the book to read, I want to know what it's about first. ;)

Cem said...

lol Jess! Review will (in theory) be up today, but seriously, read it. It's up there in top 5 fave territory already.