Saturday, 23 October 2010

Covers, Covers + Polls

Been floating around various sites this week and found a bunch of new covers just gone up that I thought I'd share. Also, I'm curious and am adding a couple polls to see which style covers are preferred.

First up, the UK cover for Nightshade VS the US cover.

UK cover
US cover
When I first looked at the UK one I was very unsure about it. It's not as crisp or stunning as the US one, and I prefer the type on the US one, but otherwise I think I actually prefer it. Why? Because 'Calla' is wearing far less makeup in the image, and in the book she refuses to wear it at all. So for me, I think the slightly simpler look fits better having read the book. What do you guys think? UK edition is set for release 28th December.

The Rogue by Trudi Canavan [book 2 in the Traitor Spy trilogy] out 5th May 2011 (UK)
I really like this cover. Continues to fit with book one, and the trilogy that came before it, The Black Magician. I like the red, I like that it's not a face on shot. Good cover! Not sure if this is final yet, as it is still a long time until release, but I'm hoping it won't change much.

New UK covers for The Otherworld books 3 and 4 by Kelley Armstrong. Fan's of Kelley's Otherworld series probably know this already, but for those who don't, the series has been out for 10 years now so there is/has been a total cover revamp. In the US, Canada, and the UK. But it would seem the UK is doing it slowly, over 2 years rather than all in one go. Books 1 (Bitten), 2 (Stolen) and 10 (Frostbitten) all have their shiny new paperback covers already (also, they're trade size now rather than mass market). Next up are Dime Store Magic and Industrial Magic, which will release February 4th 2011.

I love these new covers they're coming up with. They're clean, fresh and for the most part fit as well. But then, I still love the old ones as well. So which do you prefer? New UK covers or the old ones? (old and new covers for 1, 2 and 10 below as well)

 Old // New

Would love to hear all thoughts/opinions on these various covers. :)


Avery said...

I like the new UK "Women of the Otherworld" series covers a lot more than the old ones, and I might just like them more than the US ones (black covers a la "Twilight" series style). I feel like the UK covers actually relate to the stories...

fs1 said...

I like the trudi canavan's one but I don't like the revamps or even the olds of Kelley's.
As far as Nightshade is concerned I like the US more :( But I would buy the paperback in bookdepository, so UK there is. :/

Jessica said...

I like the US Nightshade better, I guess because the colors look better and there is a sort of sparkle--not literally--to Calla.

The new UK covers for Kelley's books look cooler too I think. The cover kind of setups the general scene for the book.

Clover said...

Ooh, I hadn't seen the new Trudi Canavan! I am loving that red.