Monday, 4 October 2010

Meeting Jennifer Lynn Barnes & Maggie Stiefvater + Giveaway!

GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED. Winner announced shortly.

Last night was such an awesome night!! Brits won team gold and individual silver in the eventing at WEG!! So awesome to watch, really wish I'd been there in person. But if I had been then I'd have missed earlier awesomeness of listening to and meeting Jennifer Lynn Barnes (Raised by Wolves) and Maggie Stiefvater (Shiver/Linger) at the Bath Children's Lit Fest! And that would have been very sad, so I'm not really disappointed to have not been in Kentucky yesterday ;)
Jen reading from Raised by Wolves

Maggie kicked things off by (in theory) answering questions such as why she chose werewolves, where her inspiration came from, things like that. But she's very good at dodging questions and never really gave a straight answer to them. Which was just fine because she was so hilarious going about it that it really didn't matter. I think the audience spent half the time she was talking, laughing.

Then Jennifer stepped up and spoke about the same things, only she gave real answers ;) Not to mention sharing a very amusing story about being attacked by/running away from a monkey she was studying a few years ago. She got away because she dropped the lemons she was holding at the time and the monkey decided they'd be nicer than her. *chuckles* And you'll just have to trust me when I say the story had relevance.

After that they both did a short reading, followed by a q & a, in which Maggie didn't dodge questions and both continued to show their sense of humor. It was a really awesome time. They were both so full of energy and passion for what they were talking about, not to mention very funny! Then there was the signing and they're both really lovely as well!! Jennifer signed a UK copy of Raised by Wolves so I could give it away here, as well as my personal US copy (she apparently hadn't seen the two next to each other before then, which I find oddly cool). And when Maggie asked me if I'd cried reading either Shiver or Linger I admitted no, not quite (I got pretty close towards the end of Linger, but I didn't actually cry). She was clearly disappointed with my answer:

Suffice to say it was a fantastic event, and I'm really hoping they both come back to the UK at a later date (preferably when I've managed to read both their backlists so I can give them lots more books to sign!).


First off, big apologies for not being able to offer a signed copy of any of Maggie's books. I would have loved to be able to offer both, but couldn't afford more books :(

- Open to UK only - again, big apologies. I wish I could open this up internationally but right now I can't afford shipping outside the UK.
- To enter, fill out the form below. Only thing you must do is to leave a name and email address, but there are bonus entries you can gain as well.
- Closes Sunday 17th October midnight UK time.
- Winner will be picked via, announced on the blog and emailed, will then have 48 hours to reply before a new winner is picked.

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Jessica said...

So jealous of you Cem. You got to meet 2 great authors!! Glad you had fun!

Clover said...

So you were there! I had no idea how to find you otherwise I'd have said hello. I did run into two other UK book bloggers .. it was such a fab event, wasn't it? :)

Cem said...

It was a fab event!! I was half looking for you, but I'm a little shy in person so mostly kept to myself lol. But I'm glad you enjoyed it as well!

Lynsey Newton said...

Sounds like you had a fab time, I thought Jennifer was so sweet and of course I loved Maggie :)