Saturday, 23 October 2010

First Line of Last Sacrifice!!

I was scrolling through overnight tweets this morning, as I always do first and saw this:

VAfrostbite: New Blog Post: The Very First Line From Last Sacrifice!: If I'm correct, then this is actually our 100th post. :-)...

*cue happy squeeing*

The post contains this image, which was scanned and posted by @blakeygirl (who kindly agreed to my reposting it).

That is a small ad in the Romantic Times Book Reviews Magazine.

"I don't like cages."
That's the first line of Richelle Mead's sixth and final Vampire Academy book, Last Sacrifice (Razorbill). We Can't wait! While the book was unavailable for review at the press time, check out on Dec. 6 (the day before Last Sacrifice hits stores) for our review as well as a giveaway. Five readers will win signed copies of the book, and one lucky winner will get a complete series set!

"I don't like cages." Heh, yeah, some how Rose, that doesn't surprise me. Or, I'm assuming it's Rose saying that lol. Can not wait to read the whole book!!

Out December 7th 2010

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Jessica said...

Definitely sounds like Rose to me since it's her narrating and everything. Plus since we know how Spirit Bound ended, it is likely that she is the one talking! Can't wait to read it! Mine has been preordered for a few months now. Can't pass up the 46% off a HC, it's like paying for paperback price!!