Monday, 20 December 2010

Faefever and Dreamfever by Karen Marie Moning

Welcome to my non-review for Faefever and Dreamfever. Why a non review? Because it's mostly just a gush about why I love the whole series. I reviewed books one and two very recently and honestly, it's kind of hard to write reviews for these two now as well. In part because I'd just be repeating myself over and over, but also because I don't want to give anything away. So instead, here's a fairly general gush fest over these two awesome books instead. But if you are after more specifics, try my reviews for Darkfever, Bloodfever or check out KMM's site here for more info on all her books. Vague spoilers for the previous books, nothing specific.

I'm kind of at a loss what to say about these two books because I just want to say 'LOVE!!!' over and over about them. The third and fourth books in the Fever series build on the first two perfectly. Things are getting darker for Mac and the rest of the human world. She doesn't know who she can trust, if anyone. But she's no longer the kind of spoiled brat who thinks she can just paint her nails and pretend nothing is wrong.

Mac has grown with every page and I completely adore her now. She's gotten so much stronger! I love how Mac is playing the various people around her against each other, because the only person she really trusts is herself. Everyone has their motives, and Mac's main one is revenge. She's also determined to stop the Fae from taking over the human world, whatever that means doing. I love how Mac's no longer letting everyone push her around. She knows she needs help from the others, but she isn't waiting on it. Mac's gotten pro-active in her fight for survival and proving herself to be smart and capable in a crisis.

I think what I love most about this series though, is how I can't guess anything that's going to happen. Through both books there are very few answers. And hundreds more questions. I want answers, I need them, badly! But at the same time, I am thoroughly enjoying every moment of not knowing. Of being surprised time after time about everything, characters, the world, what the characters are really after. KMM sure knows how to tell a story!!

Through both Faefever and Dreamfever there is vast expansion of the world KMM has created, but never over doing things to the point where it gets too complicated or ridiculous. It all just fits. It's dark, scary and intense. I couldn't put either book down. The combination of a world that vivid and Mac's completely engrossing narrative makes the whole series incredibly addictive, something I felt in Darkfever and Bloodfever, but which is taken to a whole new level with Faefever and Dreamfever!!

I mentioned in my Bloodfever review how much I adore Barrons. That's only grown with these two books. I am surprised and delighted that four books in to the series, with only the final one to come, that we still know basically nothing about him! Through Dreamfever in particular, we start to see more of him. But really it only adds to the questions rather than answering them. Also, he's too damn sexy for his own good!

I am really looking forward to answers in Shadowfever. About Barrons, about Mac, the other sidhe seers, V'lane, the outcome of the Fae/human war, everything. But I wouldn't have changed one moment of the lack of answers through the first four books. I've found this series completely refreshing for the true mystery it holds, as well as for it's fantastic plot and world building. And while I crave more of Mac and Barrons (together in whatever way, because they're just as sexy and charismatic together on the page when they're fighting) I also love that there is so little romance, and what there is can barely be called that! This isn't a love story, it's a story of revenge and discovery. And it's a hell of a story!

Faefever had a killer cliffhanger which had me grabbing for Dreamfever instantly. And Dreamfever has a cliff hanger to rival it. I am beyond glad I came so late to this series with barely a month now until the final book releases. I am sad it's a journey that's almost over, but I also can not wait to discover the ending! I've no doubt there are more shocks in store because this series has been full of them so far, building more and more with each book. Faefever and Dreamfever were an emotional roller coaster, with Mac in so much danger and trying to stay strong through it all. I have no doubt that will also be the case with Shadowfever, but I say bring it on! I can't get enough of this series and if you've not read it yet, you really, really need to!!

Rating for Faefever and Dreamfever: 10/10


Jessica said...

Yay Cem! And now the wait begins for you! It's a long wait. But I have sooo many books to read that the time should [hopefully] fly by!

Larissa {Larissa's Bookish Life} said...

Great Non-Review! LOL I was late getting on catching the Fever, but catch it I did... I LOVED the first 4 books and Shadowfever cant come soon enough!!! =D

Jessica said...

I've gone from never having seen Moning's name before to seeing this series everywhere lately. I think the universe is trying to tell me to read it.

Thanks for the gushing. You've influenced my TBR list!