Saturday, 4 December 2010

Ghost Town by Rachel Caine

"The fragile peace between humans and vampires in Morganville is in trouble, and when Claire takes drastic action, she's put under serious pressure to re-establish the barriers that keep the town residents inside, and wipe the memories of those who leave. But working with her half-crazy vampire boss Myrnin means that things don't always turn out as planned ... and as the people of Morganville begin acting strangely, Claire and her friends must solve the mystery and try to put things right. But one by one, her allies are turning on her ... even the ones she trusts most"

Ghost Town is book 9 in the Morganville Vampires series. I really liked the early books in this series, then they started to get repetitive and samey to me. I almost didn't bother with book 8, Kiss of Death, but in the end I did read it and I found it to be one of my favourites of the series, so of course I carried on with it and bought this one. But while it started out okay, I very quickly got annoyed with it.

I found Claire got more and more irritating through the book because she just wasn't being smart. She's meant to be this very bright girl, she started college at 16 and everything, but she was being really pretty dumb through a good portion of this book. She knew, and so did the rest, what needed to be done to put things right early on, but it just...didn't happen. For what were very flaky reasons in my view. I just didn't get why they couldn't solve things so much easier and why it got dragged out so far.

There were some good moments through the book here and there, and a pretty sad moment near the end. But I just didn't care enough for it to really matter. I got to the end, with the final twist, and literally rolled my eyes. Because seriously, that's where it's being taken? Ugh. It's something that's been done before and given the 'before', clearly not a smart move, but there it is. And I just don't think I want to read more. I don't care enough to see where it's taken from here at this point.

I know there are plenty of big Morganvillie fans out there, and I hope you won't take offence to this review because it is simply my personal opinion and everyone has different tastes. But for me, I've just had enough of Morganville right now. If you've really enjoyed all the previous books, you will probably like this one too, just wasn't for me.

Rating: 4/10


The Slowest Bookworm said...

Oh my, just a 4! I have this to read as I loved the others so I'm hoping I like it more than you did. :)

Avery said...

I am exactly the same!
I loved the first three or so books of this series, but after Myrnin and the red crystals? I thought it went downhill... But I didn't mind "Kiss of Death". It's a shame...

AtenRa @ Just Another Book Blog said...

I am a huge Morganville Vampires fan but no way I am getting offended!Come on, everyone's entitled to their opinion :)
I loved the story behind this one,I just wish Caine didn't end it so quickly.I wanted it to continue in the next book because a good arc story is very hard to come by!