Saturday, 25 September 2010

Early Contest Notice - extra entries!

So I kind of quietly mentioned in my post a few days ago that I'll be holding a contest when I reach 100 followers. I love that I seem to be gaining new followers pretty regularly now, and at 69 as I write this, it feels like 100 is close. Exciting! I really appriciate each of you stopping by, even if it's not daily :)

Why the early contest notice? Well, it's pretty simple, I'm hoping maybe those of you following me will help spread the word a little. Sooner I hit 100, sooner the contest gets held, sooner someone can win. And what can you win? Well, I'm not firm on my prize details yet, but I will at least be offering a $15 GC, either for Book Depository, or for your choice of bookseller as long as they let me buy it with £ as I'm in the UK.

Why help spread the word? Because anyone who is follower 100 or sooner, will be considered an 'old' follower and will get an extra +4 entries.

Leave a link in the comments of this post for anywhere you've spread the word (will only count once per place you share, so only one tweet will count but please share as much as you'd like ;)) and you'll get +2 entries for each different place.

The awesome Jess over at A Great Read is also planning a 100+ Followers contest as she's close to it as well. So we're teaming up a little, in that if you follow her as well before I reach 100 then you'll get another +2 entries for following her (leave a comment on this post telling me you're following her as well for it to count!). We've got similar tastes in books and I love seeing her takes on the books I've read as well, so if you like my content, you should enjoy her's as well! Interested in getting in on her contest as well? See her post here for details. Read it carefully because her details/extra entries requirements are a little different to mine.

So if you're interested in winning a GC for some extra books and want better chances, then please follow me, Jess and help spread the word. It would be massively appriciated.


Kulsuma said...

I blogged here about both contests:

I follow both blogs!


Old follower.


Inspired Kathy said...
I'm a new follower of both blogs. I also tweeted.

Mary said...
New follower. This blog only.

WulfLuva said...

I think I'm follower #73 as oreo_93

I follow Jess #81 +2

Tweeted +1


Total of 9 points

Hope I did that correctly

WulfLuva said...

forgot my e-mail address

donnas said...

tweet -

blogged -

Already follow Jess as well.

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Pamk said...

I am an old follower +4
I tweeted +2
and I follow Jess also +2
total 8
scrtsbpal at yahoo dot com